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Olympus EE-1 - useful on any system's long lenses


One of the most useful accessories I've bought recently is Olympus' delightful EE-1 Dot Sight Viewer, shown below on my E-M1 III and 100-400mm lens.

E-M1 III  100-400  EE-1.jpg
  • OLYMPUS M.12-40mm F2.8
  • 40.0 mm
  • ƒ/8
  • 1/30 sec
  • Center-Weighted Average
  • Auto exposure
  • ISO 6400

Normally one would use it with a fixed long telephoto but it works pretty well too on the long zoom provided that you calibrate it for the longer setting. It takes just a few seconds to calibrate for any lens - it is helpful if you can use a tripod or similar stand to steady the camera and lens while doing this. You simply focus on a specific object and then, using the EE-1's small control wheels, gradually align the red cross-hair with it and you are ready to go. It works like the old sports-finders you used to get on medium format film cameras like the Mamiya 645. If you are tracking something like a bird flying at speed, it is easier to use the EE-1 to cmpose your shot than trying to use the viewfinder or screen. This is because you can keep a little more distance from the camera which makes composition and awareness of the object relative to its background easier to judge. Just keep the cross-hair on the object and fire away.

I've used it on Olympus cameras, my Contax 645/Hasselblad Ixpress digital back/Mamiya 645 500mm lens combination, Canon EOS 6D with C/Y Zeiss 500 f4.5 Mirotar and other kits including a Nikon DSLR. You too can use it with any camera & long lens outfit provided the camera has a hot/cold shoe.

The Dot Sight Viewer is powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery and is splash/dust resistant.