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Lumix G9 for sport - best settings


Founder MFT Community
I try to figure out the best (AF) settings for sports photography. It seems that the speed of the AF and also the fps rates depend and very strongly on your settings. In general the Lumix G9 has very fast fps rates. See here. I use Jpeg only (highest resolution) to have enough buffer. I use Sandisk 128GB Extreme Pro cards. 170MB read speed. U3 SD XC1 V30

But as soon as you use AF tracking, this fps speed will slow down significantly. Another variable is the lens you are using. My Lumix 35-100/2.8 gives me with the exact same settings faster fps than my Olympus 75-300 zoom. Therefore I switched to AFS to be able to get higher fps.

But also the different options in AFS seem to influence the fps rate.

What are your experiences and which settings do you use on your Lumix G9?