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Hamburg gx80


New Member
HaHaa, i made a coup and "traded" my GH3 for a GX80. (In my head only, i still have the GH3 - anyone interested?)
But this sparked the fun of mft again, love that little thing allready.
Money i make (sometimes only but often enough to justify it to myself) with video and mainly s5iix at the moment. The GX80 is also for my 13y daughter as well. She love to take pix and the gx80 suits her very well i think.
I have the pana 20mm f1.7, and the old gh3 kit lens 14-140mm. And i use ef-lenses adapted, so today i was running arround with pana 20mm and a 85mm f1.8 ef, which translates to equiv of 120mm f1.3. (Why exactly was i "needing" fullframe again?) In this forum here i want to find out how i can justify the pana leica 15mm f1.7 against the 20mm..
Oh, one thing: in the lens list there seems to be the 12-32mm pancake zoom missing. (Or am i only to tired??)
Hi Johnny,


I had the GX80 too. Lovely camera. The Leica 15/1.7 is definitely worth it. You should try to find a good one second hand at a dealer.

Yes, the 12-32 Kit lens is missing in the overview. In have to update the lens overview soon again. Thanks for the heads up.