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Greetings from Cypress Texas


New Member
Greetings. Marc here. Thank you for allowing me to join the MFT community. I have been a long-time Olympus fan, from their first OM1 in 1976 (which I till own), to an E1 (long gone), to the current PEN-F, EM5II, and an assortment of Zuiko 4/3rd lenses. I admire the company and have the highest respect for their products. I am currently in the market for a super telephoto lens, either prime or zoom (zoom preferred), and look forward to the MFT Community reviews to help make that decision.
Hi Marc,


great to have you on board with your experienece with many Olympus cameras! Analogue Olympus cameras are welcome here too, by the way. The sky is the limit at :D

I use the Olympus 70-300/F 4.8-6.7 II

Just ask your question in the lens forum about it...