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I use the Panasonic G9II, and this post is about why it works for me. First, I’m a long-time full frame shooter, but full FF is not the best at everything, and M43 complements FF well. The first thing is telephoto. I REALLY don’t like carrying around large FF telephoto lenses. But M43 telephoto is very practical.

The second, I’m a hybrid shooter, both photography and video, about half and half. With video I always like to have a second camera. My FF camera is the S5IIx, and the G9II is a perfect complement to this. It has the same body and controls and functions, and the menus are the same. They work with the same accessories. It is very easy to shoot with both cameras. I can have the S5IIx on a tripod and shoot the G9II handheld. Video image stabilization with the G9II is excellent, you don’t need a gimble for handheld. (New firmware is coming for the S5IIx and it may have stabilization this good.)

A large part of video is editing. With two camera video it is a big editing advantage if both cameras have the same look, the same color and gamma. Both the G9II and the S5IIx have 10 bit V-Log video with Panasonic color, and they look the same, which makes it very easy.

Aside from video I use the G9II a lot for photography. I think of it as my “small” camera because of the smaller lenses, and I usually grab it if I’m off to shoot pictures. This is especially the case for longer lenses.

All that said, I hope others can relate what M43 camera they use, and why.
Hi Charles,

I use MFT also side by side with L-Mount fullframe and other formats like Fuji X (XT5, X-Pro2 - APS-C sensor size). I sold my Nikon Z fullframe camera and also my Nikon Zfc , because fullframe L-Mount and MFT made more sense for my use cases.

Although I like my L-Mount Lumix S5ii a lot, fullframe can not replace my MFT system. Fuji neither. Not just for the tele, but also for wideangle and normal FFL. I just sold my Lumix GX9 in the hope that a successor will come soon. I kept my Lumix GM5, because it is "kult", iconic. I will never sell it. We will never get again such a small ILC with internal viewfinder. 16MP is still not bad. Combined with my Lumix-Leica 9/1.7, 15/1.7, 25/1.4 mkii and one of my 42,5/1.7 or 1.2 this makes a great travel kit. Very small, very light.

I do have many more MFT lenses, including the F2.8 zooms etc, but I use them fewer and fewer and slowly sell them off. The joy with the small and light MFT FFL is just too much. The MFT Lumix G9mkii is for my personal taste too big. Same for my fullframe S5ii.

But this is the beauty of the MFT system, There is always something available, no matter what you prefer. Small and bigger. Same for the lenses.
Yesterday, I took my G9.2 and old P100-300 lens along with my archery kit to my club. A nice day, we often get aircraft taking off and landing at nearby Manchester airport. Quite a few planes flying over. When I came indoors, a couple of the archers came over to look at my camera. One asked what the lens was, 100-300mm was my reply. He said small for a 300. I then said wat the ff equivalent was.
So I was a bad boy an just bought a second hand Lumix G9. The old one mk1. Will get it end of next week. I am really curious how it performs for sports.


Which tele zoom do you use?
So I was a bad boy an just bought a second hand Lumix G9. The old one mk1. Will get it end of next week. I am really curious how it performs for sports.


Which tele zoom do you use?
I had a G9 for quite a while and ended up selling it to a friend. I really enjoyed that camera; i'm sure you will like it.

I have two lenses for tele zoom. The first is the Lumx/Leica 50-200mm f/2.8-4.0 with a 1.4x teleconverter. The second is the Lumix 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6. I much prefer using the 100-300. And it is almost impossible to get the 1.4x teleconverter anymore.