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Olympus E-330 - a ground-breaker


Olympus' 4/3 system produced some great cameras and even greater lenses. Back in 2006, they introduced a camera which appears forgotten today but was ground-breaking at the time: the E-330.

What made it so unusual? Well, it introduced two features which had not been seen on digital SLRs: firstly, it brought Live View to the world of DSLRs. Secondly, it was the first DSLR with interchangeable lenses to offer an articulated LCD monitor.

Its 7.5Mp sensor still delivers images of great quality and I'm very happy to take one out every couple of months and snap away merrily. I have printed many A4 images to good effect directly from the camera although pushing to A3 does require some post-processing. But if you have a few legacy 4/3 lenses and wish to pair them with a cheap body, the E-330 may be just what you need. That old Zuiko 14-54mm remains a very fine lens too!


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