Welcome to the Micro Four Thirds Community!

We are photo enthusiasts and professionals who share the love for photography & video in general and for the MicroFourThirds (MFT) System in particular.

We are a photocommunity for all MFT cameras: Panasonic, Olympus, Blackmagic, DJI, JVC, Kodak, Sharp, Xiaomi etc.

MFT stands for “Micro Four Thirds”.

The MicroFourThirds standard was introduced specifically for mirrorless digital cameras by Panasonic and Olympus in 2008. Actually this is what all photographers dreamt of in the past: one lens-mount for all brands. No more these “brand-wars”.

All lenses and cameras of the MFT-system are compatible with each other, no matter from which brand (for exceptions please ask in the Forum).

The MFT-system has with around 69 native lenses by far the biggest lens selection of any camera-system out there. Plus hundreds of legacy lenses, which you can use with an adapter on MFT bodies. In contrast to other systems all MFT-lenses were developed for digital cameras. For more technical details look here.

Curious? Then join our independant MFT Forum. Enjoy it!