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Lumix Pro support (or lack of) in the UK


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I just though I'd let off a bit of steam about Panasonic's much vaunted Lumix Pro support programme.

It doesn't work - here's the text of an email I sent to '' a week ago - so far NO reply

I'm writing to complain about the service (or rather total lack of service) that I have received from the Panasonic Lumix Pro programme.

I am a member of your Lumix Pro programme, membership number GBnnnnnnn. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the first year of membership as the benefit I have received to date is nil, I had major problems signing up for the service, and I’ve been given the run-around too.

Case ID #: 3410175 On 3 April this year, I was told that your service centre would contact me to arrange collection of my 100-400 zoom for calibration and lubrication. Despite my chasing this a number of times, I’ve never heard anything from your service centre.

Case ID #: 3826688 I opened this case to get necessary information to allow me to connect my panoramic head shutter release output to my G9. The reply from your UK support team has quite appalled me: They said that the information of how to wire a cable to plug into the remote shutter jack socket on the G9 is proprietary information. What utter nonsense – this is information that many serious and professional photographers would need. How can you possibly claim that this is proprietary.

The Lumix Pro website has somehow managed to mess up the warranty expiry date on my G9 kit with Leica 12-60 zoom was purchased on 24 Aug 2019 from UK Digital (NOT Jessops – that is the other G9). Surely that should still be in warranty? The other equipment is still shown as being in warranty.

The Lumix Pro programme suggested that there was a dedicated support line - not as far as I can determine – I just end up in the queue for general Panasonic support and today was kept on hold for 25 minutes at which point I gave up.

Because of this appalling lack of support, I’m seriously contemplating the option of selling my Panasonic Lumix/Leica camera equipment (at a major loss) and going back to Canon whose Professional Support program was:

Actually provided a priority support line that was answered promptly by people who knew the products and wanted to help, as compared to “call centre drones” with a standard script, and​
Had a priority repair service that did provide efficient and rapid turn-round.​

even though the Panasonic micro four-thirds system is a better format for my needs.

Please will you escalate this issue to the manager of the Lumix Pro programme, and resolve the problems I report above.

Am I alone in receiving this appalling level of service?

I didn't even know about that service, and can't find it on the UK site. Is it something for pros, or all of us?
Panasonic has always been wary of engaging with the buying public. They have good products but try hard to give the impression that the company is run by robots