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News Lumix GH7


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According to the rumor sites, there will be an announcement about a new Panasonic Lumix GH7 tomorrow (June 5th) during the Cine Gear Expo. Lumix posted a teaser on X (formerly Twitter)

and on YouTube:

Time will be 11pm
According to this is the updated Panasonic Lumix GH7 spec list:

  • Most features of the Lumix G9II – >I guess this means same 25Mp G9II sensor?
  • Phase detection AF
  • Prores internal Raw recording
  • New XLR unit will be announced along the GH7. It has 32bit float recording
  • has large fan
  • Lumix LAB app support
  • in Stock in July
  • $2200 launch price for the GH7
I had a GH6 for a while, and the GH7 fixes any the issues I had with that camera, plus it adds a lot more. It looks to be a remarkable video tool. Congratulations to Panasonic for bringing everything together for the GH7, I hope it has a really good run and brings back the video magic of the GH5.

I currently use a G9II and a S5IIx for video and these meet my requirements. But it is nice to know the GH7 is there if I have a project that needs it. I especially like the new 32bit floating audio. About ProRes RAW, I have used this quite a in the past and I like that codec, but 10 bit ProRes is so good any more I'm not sure I need RAW. There are very few times you actually need 12 bit video. With everything added for the GH7, the mash up of the GH6 and the G9II and even the S9, I wonder how big the owner's guide is? The GH6 guide is 831 pages. The GH7 owner's guide must be what, 1400 pages? For sure I'll read it when it's avaliable.