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Announcement G9ii... GH7... is there even more coming?


Founder MFT Community
Dear members,

while OM Systems brought nothing really new on the table over the last 2 years, Panasonic becomes very active. First the Panasonic Lumix G9ii, which uses PDAF like the new L-Mount Lumix fullframe cameras and with a new, excellent 25MP sensor.

Yesterday Panasonic officially announced the new GH7. Again the same modern PDAF, the same 25MP sensor as in the G9ii and many more features, which videographers and film makers really need. A truly professional film camera. Do not miss to watch the first videos about it in out forum.

But there seems to come even more from Panasonic for Micro Four Thirds. At least in several YouTube reviews about the GH7, the reviewers seem to hint at that. Does this mean we might get a Lumix GX10 with the same GH7/G9ii 25MP sensor, the same GH7/G9ii PDAF and maybe also with a better EVF than the one of the GX9?

We do not know, but of course we hope for it. What about you? Tell us your MFT wishes in the forum!

Your MFTC team